Good morning Nexus! If you have a moment today, I’d love to ask for prayers for a new career I feel I’m being lead too. I have a phone call with HR to discuss the offer today. I’ve been up all night rehearsing the negotiation of salary. I know God will provide my needs..I’m just afraid. This will be the first time in years I will need to do things on my own. I need a salary that will allow me to be able to afford the necessities of living in a new city, Asheville. Being able to afford living costs, groceries, gas, my other life expenses, all the small things that add up to some many expenses…while living in a safe place. Will you please lift up this position and these financial concerns I’m feeling today? Love and Thanks!!

Posted by Natasha DeMaio at 2022-10-14 12:49:10 UTC