I so appreciated the opportunity to be immersed into the kingdom school process of learning at CSCL in Fort Mill, SC. I have gone back to my school and have begun to apply what I was privileged to observe while at the Comenius School. I teach Bible and history to grades 6-8. I struggled with the ability of the students to remember what they learned. I watched Clint Rogers teach a history class by acting out a biblical component of his history lesson. The students took part in the act and answered questions as well as asking questions. It was not a traditional classroom setting. The students were enjoying themselves and I heard comments like, “I like learning this and I want to know more.” I had a chance to speak with one of the students and she shared how they have an opportunity to do more than is expected and they do! I am now taking my classes on a journey of learning what they can be and the potential they have to grow in who they are. Thank you, Sandy Woods, for opening the doors of your school and allowing teachers to come in and see what you do! Anne askeens

Posted by Anne Skeens at 2022-10-12 13:01:35 UTC