The currency of Heaven, is service… As The Feast of Sukkot is starting tonight, God remanded me of a dream I had. As we tabernacle with Him, let’s keep in mind that He laid His life down for His friends… I believe God speaks through our dreams and He teaches us great lessons that we can remember, because of the great visuals of heaven! Once I had a dream that I was at a beautiful library with many rooms. I was able to see my name on one of those rooms, and obviously wanted to go there, but I was not allowed in my room until I visited a friend’s room first. I saw her name up in the door of one of these huge rooms as I was walking around in awe, and as soon as I entered hers, I saw my friend dancing in a beautiful and graceful way (she is a worship dancer minister). She would gracefully take a dance move that would make her jump all the way up the top of the shelfs and pick up one book at a time, to lay them opened at a huge table at the middle of the room. After I observed all of this and was able to genuinely rejoice for her success and beautiful worship to the Lord, to the point that I was able to forget about my own room, I was not given access to mine. The rooms represented ours lives and the many books that God has written about us to accomplish (it’s not just one book) I had to learn the lesson that in the Kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of self does not exist. The currency of heaven is service from a heart of love! The more we focus on loving God and loving people, the way of the Kingdom (completely selflessly and with zero agendas) the faster and further we achieve His purposes for our own lives. Not every door is His to open, and we need to ask Him where to go or to enter all the time. But people are also an assignment, a kingdom assignment, and unless we love them well (from a pure heart, and laying our lives down) we won’t be given access to our personal next assignment for our lives. Let’s not pass people by. That we can grow in the Kingdom and find our own place with the King at His table.

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-10-09 12:27:52 UTC