4 Holiest Meet on Yom Kippur (Oct 4 evening to Oct 5 evening) Hebrew perception of “Holiness.” There are good things and evil things. Not all good things are holy things. Holiness is ownership. What God owns is called holy. So what is not recognized as holy are NOT all evil. They are be evil or they can be good things (common things). Let’s talk about the Old Covenant first. (1) Time In 365 days of the year, the days of 7 feasts of the Lord are holy, and sabbath days are holy. Among them, Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) is the holiest day (time). It is the sabbath of all the sabbaths. (2) Place All across the world, the land of Israel is holy. In all the land of Israel, Jerusalem is holier. In Jerusalem, the temple is holier. In the temple, the holy of holies is the holiest place. (3) Person In all the nations of the world, Israelites are holy people. Among them, the tribe of Levi is holier. Among Levites, priests are holier. Among priest, the high priest is holiest person. (4) Word In all the languages of the world, the Hebrew language is holy. In it, Torah is holier. In Torah, the Ten Commandments is holier. In the Ten Commandments, the name of the Lord is holiest. One time in a year, these 4 holiest meet. At the holiest day of Yom Kippur, the holiest person of the high priest entered into the holiest place of holy of holies, and speaks the holiest word, the name of the Lord. That released the atonement of all the people who were in the blood covenant with the Lord. As we celebrate Yom Kippur in faith this week, know that we are holy people and priests. We have our Yeshua HaMashia as the High Priest. He entered the Holy of Holies with His own blood through the eternal Spirit. His blood speaks atonement of sins to the name of the Lord for all of us. He didn’t bring the blood of another person that cries judgement. He brought His own blood that speaks mercy and atonement. We are looking forward to the day He will return and judge the nations. There is surely justice for the sheep nations. This is time to repent, time to forgive and receive forgiveness, time to give thanks, and time to get empowered to make disciples of nations. David Joy

Posted by David Joy at 2022-10-03 04:24:57 UTC