“This is a year of two choices: a collision of two forces, principalities exposed, strongholds revealed, motives exposed—gods and principalities will be drawn out of the shadows.” Choose for yourself today who you will serve. This is a time of reflexion. It is a time to ask God to search our hearts. May we give complete room to the Holy Spirit to do his work in us. Be aware that there are giants in the land as you conquer mountains, and we most choose not to partner with them. I can expose some: - Leviathan (pride, religion, selfish ambitions) -Jezebel (sexual immorality, witchcraft, seduction) - Fear (intimidation, control) -Rebellion (Absalon Spirit, betrayal, jealousy) -Death (depression, hopelessness, abortion physically and spiritually) May we give NO room to the enemy in any of these areas. Blessings. Will see you in 10 days. 🙌💥🙏 May the eagles arise 🦅

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-09-26 16:03:17 UTC