For all my pioneer friends out there- don’t take it personal when people don’t understand us- still blaze that trail! It is worth it! Following Jesus is what we are called to, not people’s opinions. We may have a plan: but only the Holy Spirit directs our steps! Let’s do this thing called Kingdom living! Take over that mountain! 🙌💥💥💥 “Dear Pioneers, If God has called you to plant or start a church, ministry, business, etc you have to accept that most people around you are called to be settlers. In other words, they do not like change. They prefer formulas and reliable solutions. They find no glory in blazing new paths and taking big risks. Settlers prefer a fifty year plan where they will stick to it at all costs. Settlers question pioneers at every fork in the road with, “I thought you said” without realizing it is the courage and bravery of the pioneer that allows them to enjoy the fruit of the new frontier. I want to encourage pioneers today to not take it personally when the settlers around you just don’t know how to rejoice and accept the new venture God has called you into. When you tell them God is moving you geographically they will question your motives. When God tells you to step out in faith and sow big financially they will call you a bad steward. When you tell them God has redirected you and the path you are on is no longer the one God wants you on they will tell you that you are untrustworthy. You can try to explain to settlers all day long the process of how you got to where you are and it will never be good enough for them and that’s okay. You have to understand that being led by the Holy Spirit looks erratic and is quite frankly tiring to them. The new challenges and financial needs that pioneers find exhilarating to tackle and can’t wait to see how God comes through becomes a major burden and fear for settlers. Pioneers and settlers are just wired differently. We need them both. Faith leads to the occupation of the promises of God and fear leads to rebellion and sin. Pioneers, walk in humility, forgiveness, and honor always. The settlers are your passport to make you learn how to lead with Christ-like patience, endurance, and meekness.” Praying for you, Jeremiah Johnson

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-09-24 12:20:36 UTC