THIS IS EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE. The Department of Education is considering revising Title IX and the results would be devastating for girls, families, and even private schools.  Here are some highlights of the proposed changes which would supersede Congressional approval -  This re-write would subject girls and women to be forced to share locker room and restroom space with males Parents would be replaced in authority by "school personnel" It would classify abortion as an equal health condition to childbearing There are only 2 days left to comment on this issue. Please consider adding your unique comment to the Federal Register - Link to the Federal Register (click on Submit a Formal Comment) - I chose to comment using a hybrid of suggested text from the Concerned Women For America and my own wording. Below is my comment. Feel free to change a few words, add your own ideas, etc. I want to make this easy for you.   I am extremely concerned about the Department of Education's re-write of the Title IX Rule. It rejects that sex is defined by biology.  My greatest concern is that it removes the rights of girls to have locker rooms and competition that is based on biological sex. I feel that it prioritizes gender identity ideology over actual biology in sports, activities, and programs. This change in Title IX authorizes school personnel to overrule parental authority.  The additions weaken the role of parents as the primary educators of their children and replaces them with schoolteachers and personnel who do not have the same level of care, empathy, or knowledge about their children. This is not good for girls and women, and it is not good for families.       I believe that Title IX should remain as it was originally written. The proposed changes directly contradict the original intent of Title IX. If you have already commented, please consider forwarding this email to people in your network.  Thanks to everyone in advance for standing up to this hideous evil.

Posted by Sandy Woods at 2022-09-10 14:05:14 UTC