I work in a corporate HQ office, as an IT Engineer, supporting the executive layer, sales teams, product team, marketing and more. One woman in sales that I support, her spirit bothers me deeply. She started about 6 months ago, and our corporate cellular company gave her an iPhone with the ending numbers in 6666. I can’t even make this up. She giggled when she saw the number. There are no coincidences. Today while working with another user near her, she’s telling everyone else about how Mercury is in retrograde, and all this nonsense. I lock eyes with two of my fellow brothers in Christ in that same department and we all felt the spiritual attack that was taking place. I immediately started rebuking under my breath and God reminded me that we battle not against flesh and blood… Interested in how some of you deal with situations like this in corporate type environments. I make no secrets of my beliefs in our true Savior but man I about let my flesh take over to the point of feeling sick to my stomach and having to walk away. She has the right to speak about what she believes, and I know God works in the most difficult of hearts (walking proof of that). God I pray that you give me boldness, and protection against the spirits of darkness.

Posted by JonBeard at 2022-09-06 21:54:30 UTC