Greetings everyone. My name is Sai Woon Lat. I am 18 now. I want to share something about my life. I was a good hardworking student when I was a child. I allowed wrong people into my life and I was led astray when I was 14. I involved with smoking, alcohols and drugs. I even did stealing eventually. My parents found out how I was in wrong way, and was ashamed. I even tried to commit suicide. However, I refused to commit suicide because I saw the tears of my mom. Then I decided to live a good life since then. I was not a Christian before because my late Dad was not a Christian. Then I converted to Christianity through the work of @David Joy. Then I got delivered from bad things. When I get to know this NEXUS application, I am so glad to get connected to Christian community. Thank you for reading this.

Posted by Sai Woon Lat at 2022-08-31 15:27:41 UTC