God used my five year old to help someone in our neighborhood today. Coming home today, she asked to go down a road in our neighborhood we don’t normally drive to get home. As we approached the stop sign, I noticed smoke coming from the house across the street and it didn’t look like a normal smoke pattern from a chimney. And then I saw some flames from the front porch. I stopped the car and got out and went to the house, and it turns out the grill had a grease fire. The owner came out and said she turned off the propane, but wasn’t sure what to do next. I told her to get baking soda to pour on the flames. She found some and was able to extinguish 95% of the flames with no real damage to the grill or house. I told her to clean the burner covers and the pan every few times it was used to minimize flare ups in the future. It wasn’t until we were back at home that we realized that if Norah hadn’t asked to go another way home, we couldn’t have helped her get the flames out quickly and safely. It was especially neat to tell her that God used her to help someone she doesn’t even know, and to see the smile come across her face. It was a lesson for all our girls that God can use kids to bless others. So I pray that God opens the ears of all our kids to His voice that they may do His work and know His truth.

Posted by David Wallat at 2023-01-17 02:54:45 UTC