Testimony Tuesday… this one comes from the Spanish School of ministry, which the Lord has allowed me to produce here at Sid Roth Ministries… keep going hard for Jesus, our obedience will rip a great harvest of SOULS for the Kingdom and it will multiple in many ways… "It is a great blessing for me to be able to enjoy the teachings that are received through this ministry. The Spanish Supernatural School has been a great blessing for our congregation, since I am pastor of the Rebaños de Vida Church and we are located in the municipality of Candelaria Valle del Cauca, Colombia. I have been taking the teachings of the school to the church and as a testimony I have that people have increased their dreams and visions, and we have seen healing and deliverances take placed in different people. Divine protection in several brothers (One of them was attacked by mistake by four people, inflicting fourteen wounds on different parts of his body, two blows to the face with machetes, but the Lord saved his life and today he recognizes that the Lord saved his life and that he wants to serve Him. Another brother as he was going to work, he was hit by a motorcycle and the Lord saved his life.) A sister who had a very large mass on her wrist for almost forty years, it disappeared after having prayed for her. A sister who was diagnosed with stomach cancer and placed in hospice, the Lord in a dream showed me that I would go to her house and pray for her, in the same dream when I arrived and saw her dying I asked the Lord how to pray for her if she was dying, and he told me to pray for life because for that he had established me as a church of life. On that same day I went to visit her and it happened just as the dream showed, I prayed and she was healed. This school of ministry is an equipment to be able to fulfill the call of the Lord. I hope to continue training myself for the work of the Lord."

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2023-01-03 17:14:26 UTC