Congress needs a new CHURCH COMMITTEE. If ever there was a prophetic sign! PLEASE READ: Many of our parents and grandparents will remember this Committee from the 1970s. While the rest of us were busy being rebellious teenagers or on the way while the American church was convinced that politics were evil and we should stay away. This obviously opened a power vacuum in the face of a very angry evil power that we fought in WWII to follow us home, subsequently taking up residence in our universities and like a virus began to fill that void. Fast Forward - 2016. (much to say about all of the in-between - later.) God gives us a CYRUS to interrupt the underground plans of an evil takeover by that spirit (to keep it simple) and every hidden, infected, corrupt vipers nest was set on fire. No one was prepared for that. Maybe 1/3 of the church woke up? 2022 - Enter CYRUS Jr. Elon Musk. Without a truth and freedom-seeking billionaire who 'just so happened' to take note of some fishy-smelling big tech activity and instead of complaining about the problem, literally bought the problem in order to fix it - we might have gone over the edge of collapsing as a free nation. Prepare to be stunned and even afraid as things unfold unless you know your God, know His word and listen to His voice. Don't expect to hear it on any mainstream media outlet. I can certainly see NEXUS as a go-to platform for news as we develop - but we need everyone to be in the game! You can find things on Twitter now if you follow #twitterfilles. SO NOW WHAT? Now that we know that the U.S. Intelligence apparatus (CIA, FBI, DHS, NIS, DOJ, etc.) has been turned on the American people, particularly conservative voices and those who simply have a different view of facts and reality, and now that the truth is coming out that Republicans and Libertarians have been targeted by our own government and from the Democrat Party, to silence any opposition - we (the church) are being handed the greatest opportunity to turn this country around and set her back on course to become what the Lord has intended, a beacon of light to the world, holding out the torch of hope for every nation under a government of tyranny. We are literally having our prayers answered! No prayer for this nation that has been prayed has gone to waste! I really believe that the bowls of incense collected in heaven were being filled until such a time as now. STAY TUNED & DO NOT BE AFRAID! It's time to be alert, pursue the truth, educate yourself with facts as they unfold and GET CONNECTED! We are mobilizing as a community and a spiritual army recognizing it's no coincidence that the Lord spoke to the founders of this app to facilitate so much of what we need to do. It's amazing. I will leave you with this - after you read the aforementioned article, The Church Committee, tell me that concept is not exactly, prophetically, through faith, intel, intercession, proclamation, mobilization and purposeful engagement on every level, what the NEW CHURCH COMMITTEE should be doing.

Posted by Cindy Decker at 2022-12-21 17:15:03 UTC