Take it and eat it. It will turn your stomach sour, but ‘in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey.’ “ Rev 10:9 It is always a joy to read and proclaim the Word of God. Yet some parts of Scripture-like the passages in Revelation describing catastrophic divine judgement-give no pleasure either to the prophets or to the Lord (Jer 15:16-17,19; Eze 2:8-3:15). We do not only partake of God’s Word for edification, but once we read it, we have a responsibility of warning others of what is to come if they do not repent and believe in the Lord Jesus. Time is running out and it will not wait for us. Lord, send me/us into the harvest to share and spread your truth with the world.

Posted by Kathryn Goodwin at 2022-12-20 13:08:41 UTC