True leaders are open to let the Lord lead His people. They have a vision as they see what the Father is doing. Leaders who have not made a transition into the kingdom of God will always try to control and manipulate the people God has in their sphere of influence. Just like Pharoah he did not want to let God’s people go, but he had them in slavery and bondage for self agendas, are you a leader who is keeping His people to your self? What if you are supposed to just be a point of conection? Are you willing to hold people with hands open that they will be blessed and fulfill His purposes and not yours? The Lord is saying today: Leaders- let My people go! Release them into My purposes. Let them connect, florish and fulfill My purposes for their lives, not yours. True leaders serve from a Kingdom perspective. So all fear of men must be broken. What fears are holding you back as a leader, that you feel to control His flock? I am thankful for the leaders in my life. They have modeled Kingdom leadership. They want to see me flourish, not to hold me down for selfish agendas.

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-12-13 12:54:58 UTC