Scenes from Israel Part 15 (final) The Negev (A dramatic desert vista in the heart of the Negev, Israel's southern desert.) Eilat (A Red Sea resort city on the southern tip of Israel, bordering Jordan and Egypt and nearly Saudi Arabia.) Yad HaShmona (This very small village outside Jerusalem is unique in being the only one established by Christians and inhabited by Messianic Jews.) Kiriath-Jearim (Somewhere in this view, the Ark of the Covenant was probably kept for about 60 years before being moved to Jerusalem.) Tel Aviv (We ended our trip here after about 17 days, and Jacob and I prepared to fly home the next day.) And thus our travels in Jordan and Israel were completed. After being compelled to layover in Jordan for two days, we finally entered Israel, a land I'd wanted to see for 11 years. We took a full bus tour, plus five days exploring and visiting six Israeli friends. I took about 5,000 pictures, not including two portrait photoshoots, covering the entire tour. It was a very full trip, but it felt like only the beginning. I hope to return to Israel soon. Thanks for following!

Posted by Philip Arndt at 2022-12-09 01:09:04 UTC