Prayer is not just for intercessors, but for SONS and DAUGHTERS… “OUR Father, in Heaven… How are we making disciples? Are we making disciples? It’s all about His oil, His presence. A church that does not pray, will not be able to have true disciples. His presence is what draws people to repentance- those who live a life of constant repentance and forgiveness are the ones who are truly following Jesus. Everything else is flesh which can not produce fruit in the spirit. Church, brothers and sisters in Christ: we need to pray more, together. That’s the answer- fervent corporate prayer. Every revival in history has been birthed through prayer. Prayer invites people into our relationship with Jesus, not our doctrinal politically correct religion system. It starts with me Lord. I want more of Your oil which produces Your fire, because I want souls for Your Kingdom. My Father’s business is SOULS, disciples, worshipers in Spirit and Truth. May we be devoted and committed to PRAYER as we receive the Father’s heart. Our Father, your Kingdom and your will be done.

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-12-08 15:22:25 UTC