Scenes from Israel Part 14 Ashkelon (A warm coastal city not far from the Gaza Strip. Ashkelon was one of the five cities of the Philistines. Today it withstands rocket attacks from Hamas.) Sderot bus stop (This small city is very near Gaza, and famous for bearing the brunt of terroristic rocket attacks. When the rocket siren sounds, residents have only a matter of seconds to find cover. That's why bus stops in Sderot also serve as reinforced bomb shelters. We saw many murals and artworks painted onto these shelters.) Entering the Negev (The Negev is Israel's southern desert.) Camel crossing Midreshet Ben-Gurion (In the Negev, we find the gravesites of David and Paula Ben-Gurion. David Ben-Gurion was a key visionary of Israel and its first prime minister. He was the longest-serving PM in Israeli history until a few years ago when Benjamin Netanyahu took that title.)

Posted by Philip Arndt at 2022-12-07 20:05:53 UTC