I welcome prayer ~ for favor & open minds as I go up against evil weapons that are forming against children in southwest Michigan. I’m on a board like new advisory panel where I could have great influence. I meet with the principal Thursday at 1330 to start the process flowing. I’ve trained for this & very confident with public speaking but I ask for calmness because I’m fair & show Skin color changes EASY so they’ll able to see physical emotion come out. Leading up to this battle I’m also fighting many personal wicked evil attacks…I need to only be still & be peace & light. My middle school boys are going on year 2 in public school. There has been a shift in power & ultimately the culture altered for the worst. I’ve seen a massive downslide in that school very swiftly. Specifically; bullying, cyber & off school where they don’t apparently have a policy that’s active, teachers pushing their sexual preferences & political agenda in the classroom where it doesn’t belong….amongst a gazillion other problems that I could spend minutes typing, but I’m sure I made the picture clear! Gracias!! Shalom!!

Posted by Kimberly Mihalik at 2022-12-05 15:24:03 UTC