Scenes from Israel Part 11 Southeastern corner of the Temple Mount (This is likely the "pinnacle of the temple" where the Lord was tempted to cast himself down, to test God's protection. In those days the fall would have been about 160 feet.) Temple Mount rubble (These large stones were cast down by the Romans in their destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70, in accordance with Jesus' prophecy.) More temple area ruins Robinson's Arch (Identified by Edward Robinson in 1838, this ledge on the wall once connected to a monumental staircase which provided access to the Temple Mount about 2,000 years ago.) Southern steps (Located at the southern end of the Temple Mount, these steps would have been ascended by Jesus, and other Jews, on important festival days. The pilgrims would enter the temple area via the Hulda Gates, which have been walled off since the Middle Ages. In the distance is the Mount of Olives.)

Posted by Philip Arndt at 2022-12-04 19:34:13 UTC