Scenes from Israel Part 9 Pool of Bethesda (In John's Gospel, Jesus healed the paralytic here, where we now see the ruins of a Byzantine church.) Gabbatha (Many believe this is where Jesus stood before Pilate and was flagellated. Jesus' blood may have fallen upon these ancient Roman stones.) The Western Wall (As religious Jews are not permitted to enter the former temple area, the holiest site in Judaism, they instead pray at this ancient retaining wall very close to it. They pray fervently for Messiah to reveal himself and rebuild the third temple, and establish peace on earth.) Western Wall corner Dove in the wall (Someone spotted this white dove resting high up in the wall. I captured it with my zoomed-in camera lens. What does it symbolize to you?)

Posted by Philip Arndt at 2022-12-02 19:57:35 UTC