Hi y’all! I’m Kimberly, a nurse/biz owner/author/3 time half Ironman finisher/CEO of Mihalik Ministry (Hospitality & Handicraft ~ air bnb) 😄 I thought I’d put myself out here with my ‘people’ first! I’ve been transitioning outta bedside care for the past decade. With the decline of working conditions, forced vaccines & insane conditions, Imma done with “traditional nursing” I’ve been a RN for 20. I’ve worked at U of M for nearly a decade as a MA & nurse, Philadelphia in the CTICU & so many other places in between including traveling & agency all over metro Detroit! I’ve also held the position as a DON with my itty bitty ADN from Washtenaw Conm. College for a hot second before having to quit prematurely, was told there I prayed too much 🙃😂. Cool factoid~The founder of this platform~ his brother Lance actually “pinned me” at my nursing graduation ceremony. Besides God, I credit Lance for helping me get across that stage. After having kids I focused on side hustles/ministry within the school/church/community for a decade. Lots of hospitality within the church doing stuff like altar guild, subbing PE, teaching reproductive health to kids & got CPR in the curriculum. I’ve done international ministry as a nurse & have worked a few seasons as a migrant outreach nurse on the farms of beautiful SWM!! I am dually certified to teach CPR to lay folks & professionals, I’m on the state board for prevention of cardiac death in youth~ within that scope I create cardiac emergency response plans for churches & schools. My boys (middle schoolers) just switched from private Christian schools public the past year, welcome to the mission field! So that’s my new audience, morphing my ministry & side hustles combined with our new community up north by our air bnb & in SWM. I just scored a subcontractor job with Zoll medical to fit patients with life vests. I’m also a certified wellness & life coach, that works with athletes from Ironman to learning how to float! I’m also looking for an investor to flip this house I’ve had my eyes on for a year. Hit me up if you want to network. I’ll post the link to my air bnb in comments. God’s abundant blessings!!

Posted by Kimberly Mihalik at 2022-11-25 15:16:04 UTC