Cool moment with God… and so it is for all that you are waiting for- it will come to pass at His perfect time, as you follow His directions… Yesterday I went out to do some evangelism. On my way home I realized I left my phone in my friend’s car. With no way to contact her I thought to pass by her house. But, I have only been in her house once. With no GPS or way to contact her I prayed… I said God, I need my phone for the week… I tell you that God took me directly to what I thought it was her house. It was very dark and I found myself walking to the door, but if it wasn’t her house, I did not want to knock on the door and being a stranger at that time of the day specially. So I decided to wait outside as I did not see the car on her driveway. Sure thing, as soon as I walked to my car, her car pulled in her drive way, and I was able to get my phone. Those who wait on the Lord, will mount wings like eagles… they will gain strength! There is beauty and amazing testimonies in the waiting. Let’s not grow weary- He is making a way for His perfect plan for your life! @Wendy Hawley glad I found your place!

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-11-21 14:53:54 UTC