Children in Heaven I saw several children in heaven during a time of worship last night. All of them had been killed during their short lives on earth. I saw the girl who had been tortured and mutilated by Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin in the frazzledrip video. The girl had completely forgiven both of them and did not hold them at fault for what they did to her. She was full of love and joy, rejoicing with angels in heaven before the Lord. I saw other children who had been sacrificed in satanic ritual abuse ceremonies. They did not hold any ill will or anger toward those who had abused and killed them. In fact, these kids were some of the biggest intercessors in heaven, praying for their salvation. I heard one girl in particular say, “he just hasn’t experienced your love yet, Jesus” as if that was the one and only thing this high ranking minister of satan needed to completely change. Other children who had been aborted, completely forgave their earthly mothers, saw that it was only satan confusing them, and prayed in intercession for their mothers who had them aborted. The aborted children who were now fully alive with the love and joy of Jesus even gave some of their gifts from God to their siblings who were born after them on the earth. Many times, a sibling who was born later would receive the gift from their aborted older sibling if it would be something that would do the most good on earth. I also saw many children who were amazing dancers, worshipping the Lord with such power and glory of God all around. It was such an amazing, beautiful and glorious picture of how death has no hold or power over those whom Jesus shed his own blood to save.

Posted by Joseph Frye at 2022-11-19 12:33:02 UTC