Went to visit my spiritual Dad it was 2 weeks since I have seen him last. Today he told me how long it’s been son his wife my spiritual mother and I cried, I told him 2 weeks dad I’m so sorry, I have been busy with work and advancing in my position. He smiled as I told him I was #1 in the region in sales for promoting my doctor’s clinic for adults on Medicare. He was proud of me with his eyes wide open. We spoke of the Lord and my children activation with the youth. He spoke a lot and I rejoiced hearing his voice. I love you Dad and Mom so much, what a testimony this is going to be for the nations. I prayed over him with mom as he rested his eyes. He Is Mighty and I won’t have another men’s meeting until he returns to health. I want to thank all who are visiting daily and those that are praying. Big shout out to Army Rising Men’s Group for being there for my spiritual parents. I Am overjoyed- Psalms 92 Love and Shalom Minister Steven Paris

Posted by paris at 2022-11-15 04:01:22 UTC