Please DM me if you and your organization would like to complete this... Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): STRAT Assessment Tool Survey and Consultation Benefiting the Organization with Greater Awareness of Strengths and Opportunities The purpose of the Strategic Team Review and Action Tool (STRAT) is to generate conversation among strategic leadership team (SLT) members regarding what they are doing well and what they could do better. It is not a validated instrument, which means it is not appropriate to say that teams that score higher on STRAT are necessarily better than teams that score lower. Rather than use it as a measurement, we will use it as a springboard for conversations regarding team processes. For my class on Organizational Design, one of my assignments is to conduct a STRAT with a minimum of five leaders on the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT), but no more than ten members. The surveys filled out are sent directly to me so the opinions shared remain confidential to the people who fill these out. In this way, the feedback shall be more genuine. Following the completion of all surveys, all the results shall be compiled into one document and then a debriefing shall be given to the SLT. I recommend in person, but this can also be conducted via Zoom. The debriefing shall be given the week of November 7 at a time most convenient for your team and last no more than two hours. Facilitation shall be conducted to assist the SLT in producing their own courses of action for the organization from the feedback generated.

Posted by Wade Jensen at 2022-10-31 20:24:16 UTC