Blowing the trumpet! As we were walking in Freedom park today sharing the gospel and praying for people, we heard the voice of a man praying in tongues hidden in the trees. It could have been just someone “praying in tongues” but it did not set right in my spirit. I had to check it closer, and when I did I saw him doing a ritual as he was praying. If you were just walking, you would have missed it- but we were “watching and praying” Church- let’s not forget that as we walk we carry His presence. Let’s not forget to be intentional to occupy territory and take authority in prayer. Let’s not forget this is the month when witches and warlocks are placing curses on places- sometimes in daytime where all can see. Be discerning, and be moved by His wisdom. Break curses. Speak into the atmosphere. He has called us to take authority and release His blessings upon our cities and this nation!

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-10-24 01:33:23 UTC