Jesus is real! The Spirit of the Lord is always talking! Are we listening!? Glory to God! He is willing to come near, open up your gates! The King of Glory is alive! Someone asked me yesterday how do I hear from God? Thought to share here as well to encourage you. It’s simple- it’s not about me, it is about Him. He is always talking, so I just get out of the way and let Him show me what He is doing. It sounds crazy right!? Ask him, He will show you as well! In order for Him to move, we need to get over ourselves! Fear of men out Doubt and disbelieve out Pride out Personal gratification out A bride (the church) knows how to walk in tune with the groom. One step at a time. Side by side. When you see Jesus, just keep your eyes on Him- your voice will follow what He is doing. If you miss, at least you tried!

Posted by Yaneisy del Corral Linares at 2022-10-19 14:52:44 UTC